Open Face Corner Block 1 Steel Sheave 100mm PCA-1270


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Open face corner block to use in combination with our automatic release!

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The open-faced pulley is designed for pulling trees perpendicularly to the trail when traction comes from a vehicle. It is also useful for changing the trajectory and avoiding obstacles. In addition, when it is used at height, the pulling angle lifts the end of the log slighting and thus reduced friction with the ground.

Made of steel, it is shock-resistant and is generally used together with the automatic release (PCA-1291). The sheave is smooth with no sharp edges: it will not damage the synthetic ropes. The pulley’s 100 mm diameter offers good performance.

It can also be used with steel cables. 

It can be attached to a tree using a polyester sling (PCA-1258/59/60).

Minimum Breaking Strength (metric) : N/A
Working Load Limit (metric) : 20 kN (2039 kg)
Certification : ---
Material : Steel
Weight & Dimensions
Weight (metric) : 2,56 kg
Diameter (metric) : 100 mm
Length (metric) : 27 cm
Width (metric) : 14 cm
Height (metric) : 14 cm
Minimum diameter (metric) : 6 mm
Maximum diameter (metric) : 12 mm
Other : 1 year
Additional information

Additional Information : It can also be used with steel cables.
Additional information : Use it in combination with our automatic release (PCA-1291).