Terms and conditions

Return of defective products

Defective products may only be exchanged for an identical or equivalent product. Scierie Mobile Gilbert Inc. will send the replacement product only when the defective product has been received and evaluated. If Scierie Mobile Gilbert Inc. considers that the product is not defective, or refuses the return for any reason, the customer will have to accept the expenses incurred.

Product Returns and Order Cancellations

Regular orders for non-defective products may be returned or canceled, subject to certain conditions.
The product must not have been unpacked, used, modified or installed. No exception is accepted. The customer must obtain a return authorization number from his / her representative / advisor within 10 days of the date of receipt of the package. The customer can then return the product to Scierie Mobile Gilbert Inc. within 10 days of the date of obtaining the authorization number. Only the original purchaser can submit a return request. However, the customer will be responsible for the cost of transport and a 20% of the purchase price. Goods with a return authorization number will be refunded within 15 to 30 days of receipt.

** Special orders can not be returned or canceled **

All orders, including special orders, are billed when the transaction is completed (see "Completed Transaction"). Scierie Mobile Gilbert Inc. can not be held responsible for any delay in delivery. Delivery dates are approximate and do not constitute a promise of delivery on these dates. No reduction in price, return or any other compensation will be granted to a customer due to delay in delivery or delivery made on a date other than that which was assessed. Special orders can not be returned or canceled.