Choker Chain with C-Hook and steel pin 6mm x 2.1mm (1/4'' x 7')


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The perfect choker chain for logging with our winch, your all terrain vehicule or tractor!

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Made with plated steel chain with a diameter of 1/4” (6.35 mm), it measures 2.1 m in length without the needle and can be used to go around a tree with a 50 cm diameter while maintaining a sufficient length to thread through the skidding cone.

It is also fitted with a ‘C’ hook for installation and quick and safe disassembly.

The 30 cm steel rod installed at the end of the chain can be easily pushed under the logs and insert into the skidding cone’s opening.

Material : Anodised steel
Weight & Dimensions
Weight (metric) : 2,9 kg
Length (metric) : 2,1 m
Diameter (metric) : 6,4 mm
Other : WLL: 20,9 kN
Other : 1 year
Additional information

Additional information : A great accessory to use in combination with the skidding cone (PCA-1290), the pulling plate (PCA-1310) and the locking grab hook (PCA-1282).